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M.Sc. Zhaochen Jiang

Curriculum Vitae

born: 1987 in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China

September 2006 – July 2010
Studies of Engineering Thermophysics, Jiangsu University, Jiangsu, China
Bachelor Thesis: Aerodynamic and Acoustic Numerical Simulation of the Air Filter

October 2012 – March 2015
Studies of Chemical Energy Engineering, Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg
Master Thesis: Experimental investigation of particle dynamics in fluidized beds including particle-particle and particle-wall collisions

April 2015 – March 2018
Scientific Assistant at the Chair of Thermal Process Engineering, member of NaWiTec

Since April 2018
Scientific Assistant at the Institute of Particle Technology, Solids Processing Group

Research Topics

Experimental and numerical study of multiphase flow:

  • Particle tracking velocimetry (PTV) measurements in different configurations
  • Computational fluid dynamics-discrete element method (CFD-DEM) of fluid-solids flows
  • Monte Carlo modeling of the particle coating process

Selected Publications

Z. Jiang, T. Hagemeier, A. Bück, E. Tsotsas, Experimental measurements of particle collision dynamics in a pseudo-2D gas-solid fluidized bed, Chemical Engineering Science 167 (2017), 297-316.

Z. Jiang, A. Bück, E. Tsotsas: CFD-DEM study of residence time, droplet deposition and collision velocity for a binary particle mixture in a Wurster fluidized bed coater, Drying Technology 36, (2018), 638-650.

Z. Jiang, T. Hagemeier, A. Bück, E. Tsotsas: Color-PTV measurement and CFD-DEM simulation of the dynamics of poly-disperse particle systems in pseudo-2D fluidized bed, Chemical Engineering Science  179 (2018), 115-132.

Z. Jiang, C. Rieck, A. Buck, E. Tsotsas, Modeling of inter- and intra-particle coating uniformity in a Wurster fluidized bed by a coupled CFD-DEM-Monte Carlo approach, Chemical Engineering Science 211 (2020), 115289.

Z. Jiang, D. Jia, C. Rieck, A. Buck, E. Tsotsas, PTV experiments and DEM simulations of the coefficient of restitution for irregular particles impacting on horizontal substrates, Powder Technology 360 (2020), 352-365.

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Institute of Particle Technology (LFG)
Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg
Cauerstr. 4
D-91058 Erlangen
Room: 1.335

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