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Granulation Workshop 2019

The 9th International Granulation Workshop will be taking place in Lausanne, Switzerland. The granulation conference is the place to showcase the latest in agglomeration, granulation and particle technology with attendance from a range of universities and industry worldwide.

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Presentation Award (PBM 2018)

Mr. Christoph Neugebauer of Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, who is co-supervised by Prof. Bück within the DFG priority programme 1679 (“Dynamic simulation of interconnected solids processes”), received the presentation award of the 6th International Conference on Population Balance Modelling in Ghent for the presentation “Influence of thermal conditions on particle properties in fluidised bed layering granulation”, which is joint work of the groups of Profs Kienle, Palis and Tsotsas (all OvGU) and Prof. Bück (FAU). Congratulations!

SPG welcomes Prof. J. Kumar

The Solids Processing Group (SPG) welcomes Prof. Jitendra Kumar of IIT Kharagpur! Prof. Kumar, one of the foremost experts in the development and application of numerical methods for the solution of population balance equations (PBE), will spend two months in the group as an Alexander von Humboldt fellow, working on PBEs in the context of fragmentation.